Temple Gadhpur






¬†This temple was built at the loving request of Dadakhachar & his 2 elder sisters Jaya [Jivuba] & Lalita [Laduba] by Shreeji Maharaj. The temple was constructed under the supervision of Shreeji Maharaj and in his absence, Swami Viraktanand. Shreeji Maharaj installed Shree Gopinathjidev & Radhikaji in the Central chamber, with Father Shree Dharmdev, Mother Bhaktidevi & Vasudev (himself “balswarup”) in the western chamber & Revati, Baldevji, Shree Krishna and Suryanarayan in the Eastern chamber in Vikram Samvat 1885(Saturday, October 9, 1828 A.D.) Shreeji Maharaj stayed in Gadhada for 25 years and 8 months making it the center of his divine mission.