New Jersey, USA : Manavta – LNDYM Camp 2023 || 23-26 June 2023

LNDYM Camp 2023 was hosted at South Brunswick, NJ from June 23-26. We were honored for this to be the first camp in the divine presence of the entire Dharmakul Parivar after a long 4 years. This year’s theme was “Mãnavtã” where participants were taught the ten qualities of Manavta and that humanity comes above all else. Yuvaks and yuvatis were given a powerful reminder that humanity reigns supreme, and embodying Manavta is like embracing the very essence of Dharma itself. During the camp, there were enjoyable activities such as Scooby and Shaggy’s game show, bonfire, raas-garba, scavenger hunt, and much more. As always, this year’s camp featured tasty food throughout all four days! Following the conclusion of this year’s camp, yuvaks and yuvatis began counting down for next year’s camp!