USA : Ekantik Bhakti – LNDYM Camp 2022

LNDYM Camp 2022 was hosted at Chicago, IL from July 21-24. Being the first national shibir since 2019, yuvaks and yuvatis rejoiced at being able to do satsang on a national level. This year’s theme was “Ekantik Bhakti” and the topics covered were dharma, bhakti, gnan, and vairagya. Participants were taught that in order to gain Moksh, one must become an ekantik bhakt which can be attained by performing ekantik bhakti. Throughout the shibir, there were various fun activities such as family feud, bonfire, escape room, and various outdoor activities. Yuvaks and yuvatis look forward towards harboring the energy that surrounded this shibir as they continue to stay involved in their local mandirs and chapters while beginning preparations for LNDYM Winter Shibir 2022.