51 lakhs check donation to Shri Maruti Veer Jawan Trust 2017- Surat

A person tends to live luxuries and happy life with family. But a soldier cannot do this. He cannot shower the love to his children, cannot serve his parents, couldn’t fulfill his wife desires just because he is defending the country day and night. Whether winter, summer or raining, soldiers are never off the guard. Soldier fight bravely against any odd whether be it an enemy nation or terrorist, he is ready to face every challenge and give a fitting reply to challenges thrown to him. It is because of this soldier that we are safe and living in peace and harmony. Currently, countries like Syria and Iraq is under attack by ISIS terrorist group. The government and the arm y of those countries couldn’t face this terrorist and due to it s thousands of people from these countries had to forcefully leave the country and now living dreadfully in refugee camps. Terrorist ruined and destroyed many cities, looted the national property, exploited woman and children and left them in miserable condition. A terrorist cannot do such things to our country because our defense force is strong enough to face any attack. Our country’s soldier fights bravely against the terrorist and during this if our soldier martyr than it’s our duty to look after their family. Our citizen of Surat has always been ahead in social works and have always helped mentally, physically and financially. MARUTI VEER JAVAN TRUST is initiated by our Surtis and we should be very proud to be a part of the coming “RAM KATHA” whose sole purpose is to bring in the fund for the trust. The same fund would help the martyr family economically for the coming years. So it’s a great opportunity for us to show our patriotism and do something for the soldier on the border because of whom we are living a happy life with our family. The moment the date was fixed for “RAM KATHA” and the motivation for KATHA, the objective of trust was announced to the people, funds have been flowing in. A lot of the diamond company ’s workers and managers dedicated their one day salary for the trust fund as well as the owners decided to give as much as possible. A lot of small big social groups, religious groups, different housing society, village, school, colleges and much more leading business owner started giving their commitment to the fund. Seeing this it seems an astonishing fund figure would be flow ing in and from the interest earned on the fund, the trust would help the martyr family. .